Silicone like a Professional - your first time and every time
Great for smoothing grout and caulk adhesive with less mess and a clean result! For use with silicone, acrylic, polyurethane and most other sealants. Now with a convenient silicone removal tool!
  • Clean, professional results even on rough, uneven surfaces
  • Optimum adhesion prevents mold from forming underneath
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • 16 different profile variations
Professional repair of ceramic, cast iron, enamel and acrylic fixtures

Avoid costly fixture replacements and repair damage and chips on enamel, ceramic (porcelain) and acrylic bathtubs and bathroom / kitchen sinks with the Cramer Repair Kit. Repair instead of replace and get professional-looking results every time!

Touch-up blemishes in the bath or kitchen

Have only a slight scratch or defect to cover? Try the Cramer Touch-Up Stick! This high-performance coating is perfect for minor flaws, scratches and defects on plumbing fixtures, tile, and kitchen and bathroom sinks and furniture. Suitable for use on ceramic, acrylic, powder-coated and painted surfaces. 

Easily remove stubborn sink stains and scuff marks

The Cramer Stain Eraser easily and effectively removes tough stains and scuffs in your kitchen and bath fixtures. Effective against metal abrasions from pots and pans, lime scale buildup and other mineral deposits, rust, adhesive residue, paint marks and more. Thoroughly remove deposits without scratching your fixture’s surface. Safe for use on enameled cast-iron, ceramic, porcelain and other similar surfaces.

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