Cramer Professional Silicone Grout Profiling Caulking Tool Kit

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Achieve a professional-looking, smooth caulking job every time with the Cramer Caulking Tool Kit. Great for smoothing grout and caulk adhesive with less mess and a clean result. The 7 piece kit comes with a convenient silicone removal tool with 3 interchangeable blade. For use with silicone, acrylic, polyurethane and most other sealants.

> Clean, professional results even on rough, uneven surfaces

> New and improved kit now comes with a grout removal tool and 3 interchangeable blades

> 2 convenient guide tools for smooth application even where grout lines intersect

> Tools are made of a high-quality material which is easy to clean and will stand the test of time if properly maintained – no need to replace after just a few uses

> 16 different profile variations

> No soapy water or masking tape needed

> All tools fit neatly into the accompanying case

> Suitable for all sealing compounds/caulking materials

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